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A successful web site requires both good design and regular promotion. Good web design includes making sure a web site contains the specific elements search engines use to place a site where viewers will notice it. Regular promotion monitors a web site's position in the search engines' results so adjustments can be made to keep the site visible.

At 10:10 Design we are committed to effective design and promotion services because our clients' success is our success. As the web evolves we recognize the changes and adapt our clients' web sites so they continue to be successful.

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We want to be sure you know your options and fully understand what we can do for you. That's the best way we can help you decide which of our services suits your needs. If you don't find all the answers to your questions here, please call us, or send us an email.

Your web site must have the right domain name.

We'll make sure your site has a reliable web host.

We have the experience to design an effective web site just for you.

Continuous web promotion is the best way to keep your site visible.

You decide the cost of your web site.

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