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Web Publishing

At 10:10 Design, we define all our web services under the broad term of Web Publishing. We register your domain name and take care of all your web site hosting details. We help you decide what to put on your site and how to present it. We develop the pages and test them to be sure they'll display properly. We continuously promote your site and monitor the traffic to determine who is visiting it and how they got there. All of these services combine to get your site on the Web and make it successful.

  • Domain Registration
    • Setting up your own domain: www.yourname.com.
    • Putting your web site in our domain: www.1010design.com/yourname.
  • Web Hosts
    • Deciding what services you need.
    • Finding a reliable provider.
    • Moving your web site to new host if necessary.
  • Web Site Design
    • What to put on your web site.
    • The best ways to get your point across.
  • Graphic Design
    • Logos and special images that download fast.
    • Custom backgrounds and animations.
  • Web Site Development
    • Organizing information for logical viewing.
    • Clear and efficient navigation through your web site.
  • Promotion
    • Getting the word out about your web site.
    • Positioning your web site so it can be found.
  • Analysis
    • Checking to be sure your web site is being seen.
    • Comparing your web site with the competition.
  • Maintenance
    • Keeping your site fresh and interesting so people visit often.
    • Changing content, like pricing or contact information.

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