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What is a domain name?

A domain name is simply a unique address for your web site. Your domain name enables people to find your web site among the countless numbers of other web sites on the World Wide Web. It can also provide your web site with a name or identity within the Internet world.

A domain name is the root of your web site address and keeps it unique. For example, our web address is


Our domain name is only a portion of this address.


To ensure that domain names, are unique there are domain registry services. All potential domain names must be submitted to the registry service and verified as unique before they can be purchased.

What domain name is best?

Choosing a web address is a very important step towards building an effective web site. It will serve not only as an address, but as the name or title of your site. Your domain name will become part of all your print advertising so people can use it to find out more about your business. So it should be easy for people to remember and easy for them to type into their web browsers.


Search engines, like Google, use domain names to rank web sites on their result lists. So your domain name should describe the subject of your web site.



You aren't limited to only one domain name either. Multiple names can be registered and setup to take people to the same web site. So you can promote more than one subject on the same web site.

Because domain names are so important, there is a lot of competition for the best ones in each industry and sometimes the best name(s) for your web site won't be available. We'll research the registry, and help you choose the best domain name(s) for your site.

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