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Control your web site costs.

How much will my web site cost?

Annual charge for domain name registration.

Domain name registries charge an annual fee that varies depending on the quality of their service. Some companies will charge significantly less than others, but also provide little support, or expect you to pay for other services that you may not need. We recommend you budget $35 a year to keep your domain name registered.

Design fees are per page.

Design fees are set per page, and vary based on complexity. We custom design each site according to our client's needs and budget, explaining your options, so you can control your expenses. This approach makes it difficult to quote a price before we know what you want, but figure on $50 per page to get a rough idea.

Continuous site maintenance and promotion.

Some sites will need regular updates while others will only change occasionally, depending on the subject matter. Promotion needs also vary based on things like the level of competition and your business goals. So we offer Maintenance/Promotion Service and Hosting Only Service.

Maintenance/Promotion Service ($45 a month):
We'll keep your site properly hosted, make any basic text changes to your site and provide quotes for image updates and extensive design changes as needed. We'll do regular analysis and make adjustments for site promotion and search engine placement. We'll setup traffic reports that you can view anytime on the Internet, and use them track the effectiveness of your site promotion.

Hosting Only Service ($25 a month):
We'll make sure your site is properly hosted and let you know if there are any problems. When you want to change or update your site, you let us know so we can provide a quote.

Both our monthly service options include keeping your domain name(s) registered. We'll keep track of when it's time to renew your registration, handle the renewal process and bill you for the registration fee.

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How much will my web site cost?

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