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Why do I need hosting service for my web site?

To be accessible on the World Wide Web, your site must reside on a computer that is part of the Internet network. Hosting service companies provide space on their Internet computers for a monthly fee.

Choosing a hosting service company that can reliably store your web site is very important. To be effective, your site must be available for viewing, 24 hours a day, every day. The hosting service provider controls this availability by making sure the computer where your web site is stored is always working and the access points to that computer are never too busy, or too slow. We know which hosts provide the best service, at the lowest cost, because we take the time to test them.

We monitor your hosting service regularly . If any problems arise, we take responsibility for getting them resolved, so you don't have to wait on hold and then listen to confusing technical jargon. And if your web host stops providing the service you need, we'll move your site to a new host.

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Why do I need hosting service for my web site?

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